and THIS is where we live!

 St Edmunds Churchyard CNV00047

St.Edmunds Church (above) is over 900 years and is recorded in the Doomsday Book. In the Church there are about 150 handmade tapestry Hassocks including this one commemorating Lions Clubs.

 Lions Club Hassock CNV00022

 Holy Rood Church 011

Holy Rood Church stands alongside the Paddock in Stubbington.  

War Memorial, Stubbington CNV00008 

 Stubbington Green and the 1914-1919 War Memorial at the centre of the Village

Ancient Woodland of Tips Copse CNV00111 Ancient Woodland at Tips Copse on the edge of the village

 roe deer

'Lions' are not the only ones who like it here in Crofton (Roe Deer in the Water treatment Plant on Peel common, Squirrels in the Park, the Fox is resident at Crofton Anne Dale School, and Badgers have a sanctuary in the woods at Seafield Park, Hill Head.) 

squirrel 2 red-fox-sleeping badger B 460x276

"The Crofton", home of Good Food, Real Ale and, appropriately enough, the Crofton Lions.

Crofton Pub StaffCrofton Pub

 These are our good friends, the Staff of The Crofton, led by Jenny, Ian and Sue.


Just 15 minutes walk from the Pub (Our Club HQ) is the Titchfield Haven, a National Nature Reserve of about 900 acres. Over 170 species of birds have been identified here, along with 19 species of Dragonfly. Its a good place to "get away from it all"! 

Haven Sanctuary 100 5602

All around the Crofton Ward we have 

  Open Countryside ...... Waterways and Seaside...... Safe Play areas & Parks  

Countryside CNV00022 Boats in Harbour 100 5596 Safe Playground, Seafield CNV00003

 The Beach and Harbour at Hill Head (the southern part of Crofton)

HillHead Beach Huts 100 5606 Harbour with Kds 100 5594

Homes in Crofton are much like Houses and Bungalows anywhere else in England but, on each of the original approach roads there are echoes of the past.....

Fuscia CottageEast House


Old Park House

 OLD PARK HOUSE 100 5676

The Thatch

The Thatch, Mays Lane 100 5786

Marks Tey Marks Tey Cottage 100 5697_001

Another important part of the past are the buildings that now form the Community Centre and Scout Hall. These were originally part of the Stubbington House School where Captain Scott R.N., the Antarctic Explorer was a pupil from 1879 to 1881.

SCOUT HALL 100 5672CCA ENTRANCE 100 5668 

At the entrance to Crofton Community Centre the Fareham Society have placed this plaque commemorating Captain Robert Falcon Scott's association with our village. 

Captain Scott\'s blue plaque 

And even further back in the history of Crofton were the Meonwara Tribe who came from Jutland and settled this area around 642 AD during the Dark Ages. These people have been successfully recreated for us by "Weorod", an Early Medieval re-enactment Group, as part of the Crofton Lions annual "Festival of St. George" (See Events Page)