St.G Coat of Arms 

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Images from 2014

Murphy, St.George's horse, and Gill, his owner "Murphy" St.George's trusty steed

The event opened with the arrival of St.George who brought the flag of England to us for safekeeping.  He handed it to the Colour Party made up of cadets from T.S.Tormentor, Warsash Sea Cadets. It was then paraded onto the site and given to the Mayor of Fareham

St.George hands the Flag of England to the leader of the Colour PartySt.George arrives in Stubbington

Entry of the Colour PartyCadets from T.S.Tormentor, Warsash Sea Cadets, escorting St.George 

Mayor Cllr Susan Bayford receiving the flag of St.George 

 Cllr.Mrs Susan Bayford, Mayor of Fareham receiving the Flag of England and St.George

Caroline Dineage M.P. also visited the event, and later 'tweeted' "There was a great turnout at Stubbington's Festival of St.George including the "Saint" himself. Thanks to the Lions Club for organising'

Caroline Dineage MP with St.George

 Then the show got underway with a traditional "Hornpipe" and Club Swinging performed by the Sea Cadets from T.S.Tormentor, Warsash Unit.

Warsash Sea CadetsClub SwingingHornpipe

There were 55 stalls selling all manner of goods plus some that were devoted to games and competitions.

Six Shooter Target GameBall GameStall 2Stalls

In addition a programme of entertainment saw performers in any one of four locations throughout the afternoon with something different every 20 minutes!

It included some old favourites like Jonathan the Jester accompanied by clowns "Alfie" and "Rainbow Blue"

Jonathan, Alfie and Rainbow Blue Rainbow Blue story time in the Library

Rainbow Blue also did an excellent job of entertaining children who assembled to take part in the Fancy dress Competition with her poems and stories!

Fancy Dress Parade

Also on hand to entertain children of all ages was our old friend Geoffrey Gould, the Punch & Judy Man, and this year he also presented a superb "Magic Show"

Geoffrey with Mr Punch and JudyPunch and Judy Show by Geoffrey Gould 

 Musical interludes were provided by a local Ukelele Band  "The Stokes Bay Strummers" and "Continuum", a very accomplished group of singers!

Continuum ChoirStokes Bay Strummers 

Weorod, a group of dedicated men and women who portray the Meonwara Tribe from Jutland joined us again. The Meonwara were the first settlers in our village in the early medieval period. They were busy all day actually "living" history.

artifacts of the MeonwaraJulie, one of the Weorod womenWoman of the Weorod 805 

Weorod warrior

Tribal Chief displays his helmet 

 Keep visiting this page, there is much more to come shortly!

Remember, the next Festival of St.George will take place on SATURDAY 25th APRIL 2015.

Like St. George Crofton Lions Club is still crusading for those less fortunate than ourselves. Would you like to help us to help others? We hope so! Please use the 'Contact Us' button to find out more. Reg Norton, Community Service Chairman 4 Francis Place, Stubbington, Hampshire PO14 2RX

Tel: 01329.663661 e:


Mike Shipley, Activities and Fundraising Chairman

Tel: 01329 661663 e.


Mayor and Cadet Colour Party 103St George (James Tiffin) 112  SATURDAY 20th APRIL 2013  

This year, 2013, the main Fayre celebrating the Crofton Lions Festival of St.George took place on Saturday 20th April. The event was formally opened by the Mayor & Mayoress of Fareham, Cllr. Dennis Steadman and Mrs Carole Steadman accompanied by a Colour Party of cadets from T.S. Tormentor. This coincided with the arrival of "St George" portrayed by James Tiffin riding a horse called 'Murphy' and carrying the Standard of England.

Cllr Steadman opening the eventArrival of St.George with the Standard of EnglandThe Mayor, Cllr Dennis Steadman receiving the Standard from St.George (James Tiffin) 

 On with the Show......

This year we had more stalls and more entertainment than we have ever had before. St.George was welcomed by the Volunteer Band of HMS Collingwood under the direction of Band Colour Sergeant Howard Clay RM playing "The Standard of England" and they continued through the afternoon performing a wide selection of popular and military music.

HMS Collingwood Volunteer Band led by Band Colour sergeant Howard Clay RM. 

HMS Collingwood Band

HMS Collingwood Volunteer Band 

Four Bands took part this year including our old favourites,

The Birnie Boozle Folk Band.

DSCF0597Stokes Bay Strummers in Stubbington

Another very english addition was a Ukelele Band evoking memories of George Formby and other music hall acts with spirited renditions by the members of the Stokes Bay Strummers.

 Then, big surprise at this celebration of England, bringing greetings from Scotland and St.Andrew were the wonderful Harbour Pipes and Drums led by Pipe Major Joe Fagan

hARBOUR Pipes & Drums Group Photo

Pipe Major Joe FaganHarbour Pipes & Drums 

Drum section 

 Crofton Lions Festival of St.George is often described as an "all singing, all dancing" type of Village Fete and this year really proved the point with some excellent performances from

The Hampshire Garland

Morris Dancers

and Musicians

Hampshire Garland MusiciansHampshire Garland Dancers dancing with Welsh Besums

Hampshire Garland Morris Dancers

Take a bow

Acca Voce Singing Group

Acca Voce Singers

who performed in the Library

and around the park

Acca Voce
Hannah & The Bollywood Dancers Bollywood Dancers

  We also welcomed for the first time 

Hannah Murphy


the Bollywood Dancers

 In addition to all that we still had more entertainment for the public, and in particular the children, in the shape of old favourites 'Mr.Punch' (courtesy of Geoffrey Gould), Jonathan the Jester and his team of talented jugglers, stilt walkers and clowns, and Chris Bennett the Storyteller known as Orange Apples.

Punch Booth DSCF0563 Jonanthan the Jester and Pixie Orange Apple storyteller Chris Bennett
Punch & Judy Jonathans Jesters chris orangeapple storyteller

And we had Zorb Balls, Inflatable Play Areas and a Barrel Train (The big fat wheels allowed it to ride over the damp ground without causing any damage) 

Zorb BallsInflatable Play AreasThe Barrel Train 

 And, of course, we had Stalls (Over 50 this year) including our own Lions Club and the Jesters

Crofton Lions Shooting StallThe Jesters Stall 

You do realise that all of this, and much more* besides, all happened on just one day!


* Part of the "much more" included "WEOROD" , an Early Medieval Re-enactment group who attempt to shine some light on the Dark Ages. They portray a tribal people called the Meonwara who came from Jutland and settled here.  The River Meon is named after them.

Weorod Combat Display

Weorod Warriors 

Having studied the past our attention then turned to the future and the young generation.

Sticking with the theme of 'dressing up' we held our usual Fancy dress Competition but with many more entrants as Knights and Pricesses

Girls Fancy DressBoys Fancy dress

Town Crier Barry then announced that the community involvement would continue on Day 2.

Barry the Town Crier

 On Sunday 21st May 2013, approximately 400 boys and girls representing all Scout Groups in the Fareham West Scout District took part in a St.Georges parade celebrating the Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II .

Scout Band
Sea Scouts Beavers Sea Scouts from Warsash
Charlie waves them on 217 Scouts
Scout leaders 219 Scout Band Full Parade
Scout Drum section 234 District Commissioner Lester Eyers Jim\'s verdict after 40 years service? "It was great"

Like St. George Crofton Lions Club is still crusading for those less fortunate than ourselves. Would you like to help us to help others? We hope so!  Please use the 'Contact Us' button to find out more.
Reg Norton, Community Service Chairman
4 Francis Place, Stubbington, Hampshire PO14 2RX
Tel: 01329.663661 e:

Mike Shipley, Activities and Fundraising Chairman
Tel: 01329 661663  e.

Remember, the next Festival of St.George will take place on SATURDAY 19th APRIL 2014.
Contact Mike Shipley or Reg Norton using the 'Contact Us' Button above to find out more


This year the Festival of St.George started on 21st May 2012, the Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, with Town Cryers calling for a Loyal Toast and announcing the arrival of "St George" depicted by Matthew King riding a horse called 'Murphy' and carrying the Standard of England.

Arrival of St.George 2012 

 The Scots, Irish and Welsh are good at celebrating their patron saints days but very little is heard of St.George's Day in England. But that is'nt the case if you happen to live in Stubbington, Hampshire where the Crofton Lions Club have succeeded in involving the whole community in an event that has become a tradition in this village. 
Throughout the week preceeding St.George's Day the village and all its shops were decorated with English Flags.


Cadets RH Column St.G 2012 DSCF0552DSCF0551

Cadets from the three services led the way round Stubbington Green and into the Park where St.George was met by the Deputy Mayor and Mayoress of Fareham, Cllr & Mrs Dennis Steadman accompanied by the Town Cryer Barry, Lions President Reg Norton and Vice President Vicky Stabler. 


Cllr.Steadman presenting a cheque to the District Poetry Competition winner, Cadet Francesca Thurgood. 

The Deputy Mayor then went on to present medals to young footballers who had taken part in our Annual "International" Match. The competing teams were Crofton Saints F.C. representing Wales (and the Dragon) and Stubbington F.C. representing England (and St.George)  



Harmony Chorus under the trees DSCF0567The Village Fayre that followed included performances by The South Downs Ladies Harmony Chorus,  

HAMPSHIRE GARLAND DSCF0571HAMPSHIRE GARLAND 2 A DSCF0576 Hampshire Garland Morris Dancers,

St Vincents Singers WIA99

DSCF0636St.Vincent Singers,

Fishbourne Drummers in Library DSCF0625Fishbourne African Drummers,

Weorod Craftsman DSCF0584Women of the Weorod DSCF0582  Members of the WEOROD, an Early Medieval Re-enactment Group,

 Weorod family DSCF0583

A team of Jesters and Clowns from the TableTop Circus,


Jonathans Jesters DSCF0631 

OrangeApples Storyteller and the Punch & Judy man drew the crowds.

STORYTELLER DSCF0526 Punch Booth DSCF0563 P & J Audience DSCF0562

Many of the Children also took part in Fancy Dress as Knights, Princesses and Dragons in the Stubbington Library which had stayed open all day to support the event!. 

The Judges Rosie & Jan of the Stubbington Library DSCF0634Little Dragon prizewinner DSCF0620Fancy Dress Competition DSCF0610

What else? Well, there was..... 

Birnie Boozle Band half DSCF0599

Crofton Lions Stall at St.G Fest 2012 DSCF0538DSCF0597TRIGGER 2012 DSCF0593 Facepainting with Suzanne DSCF0601

Inflatable Slide DSCF0591


On  Sunday 22nd the Red Lion was the starting place for a Cavalcade of Minis and Motorcyclists and Scooterists in tabards with more than 60 vehicles taking part. They rode out on a ten mile circuit flying the flag of England  Reg Norton, who was then the Crofton Lions President, said " I am very proud of my team and the work they do to make this event, which is managed by Lion Mike Shipley, special for all the family." He added "The public perception of the Festival has been that it was a great success with so many favourable comments from visitors that we will certainly be back again next year whatever the weather!"  

Like St. George Crofton Lions Club is still crusading for those less fortunate than ourselves.Would you like to help us to help others? We hope so!  Please use the 'Contact Us' button to find out more.

Reg Norton, Community Service Chairman
4 Francis Place, Stubbington, Hampshire PO14 2RX
Tel: 01329.663661 e:

Mike Shipley, Activities and Fundraising Chairman
Tel: 01329 661663  e.


The next Festival of St.George will take place on SATURDAY 19th APRIL 2014.

Contact Mike Shipley or Reg Norton using the 'Contact Us' Button above to find out more

Meanwhile, if you were not able to be with us for previous events, scroll down and see what you've been missing!

2007 - 2011

St.G Coat of Arms 

St.G Coat of Arms 

Matthew King as The Spirit of St George

Wow! What a great day we had.  The 5th "Festival Fayre" took place in Stubbington Recreation Ground and on The Green on St. George's Day, Saturday 23rd April 2011. Hundreds of people turned out to support us and from the feedback we have received it was a tremendous success. Thats not just our opinion. Excellent reports appeared in the NEWS, the ECHO, FAREHAM PEOPLE, many 'freebies' and on BBC Radio Solent!  All of them offering congratulations and reporting that the event was a great success.


Arrival of St.George

The arrival of St.George portrayed by Matt King from Crofton Riding School

Our grateful thanks must go to all the entertainers, stallholders and supporters for their wonderful contributions to the success of the Festival Sincere thanks also to our friends, the Stubbington Traders Association, and their Chairman Simon Wimble, and to the Stubbington Fayre Committee for their additional support and co-operation for this years show.

TownCriersThe Festival began on the Queens Birthday, Thursday 21st April when, accompanied by The Town Criers, Barry and Bobbie Roberts, we toured the Pubs announcing the Birthday and toasting the health of Her Majesty. The Town Criers were able to read a message from Buckingham Palace which wished us "an enjoyable and memorable event!" This gave Crofton Lions the opportunity to distribute Festival Brochures. The generous patrons of The Red lion, The Golden Bowler, The Crofton and The Cuckoo Pint contributed £117.00 in donations on that night.

Messages of support and congratulations were received from:

Buckingham Palace

(please click on the image to see the letter)

Beirut Coat of Armspostcards of The Kremlin, Moscow
The Lions Club of Beirut, St. George is the patron saint of Beirut 

(please click on the image to see their letter)

Emblem of Moscow 
The Lions Club of Moscow, St. George the Victorious is also the patron saint of Moscow

(please click on the image on the left to see their letter)

On the day, thanks to our publicity, reporters and photographers including Roger Hammett from BBC Radio Solent visited the Fayre.  

He is seen here talking to Lion Vicky Stabler about the Easter Egg Hunt and Childrens Fancy Dress Competition that she was organising later in the day.

Barry Roberts, the Town Crier and the Fancy Dress competition New Members Tony and Vicky with small knights Fred 4, Alfie 2 and George 6

The Best turn out we've ever had for the Fancy Dress Competition

Photos by Steve Pilcher

Lions Tony and Vicky with sons Fred 4, Alfie 2, and George 6 came well prepared to lead by example!

seeing double 2 two of the fancy dress winnersKateIlife the 3 year old dragon Kate Iliffe a 3 year old Dragon

Double Trouble Twins Tom & Joshua

But, first we had youngsters taking part in our traditional "International" Football Match England (& St. George) v. Wales (& The Dragon)

2011 THE TEAMSThe winning Team Captain receiving his medal from the Mayor of Fareham 

All of these 'Under 8' Players received an International Medal from the Mayor of Fareham, Cllr Brian Bayford. The winners were Crofton Saints F.C. representing England. Their worthy opponents were Stubbington F.C. 

  Presenting a medal to a Stubbington F.C. player

Photos by Steve Pilcher of Fareham People 

WEOROD, the early medieval re-enactment group whose mission is "To shed some light on The Dark Ages," was a major attraction this yearMeonwara Charge! Weorod on BBC Radio Solent

Roger Hammett of BBC Radio Solent attempting to interview two Weorod Warriors!  Should have waited till they returned to the 21st Century. It would have been a lot safer!

(Wonder if he has completed a Risk Assessment?)

Steve Bacon the Barber Surgeon

Also in attendance a Medieval Barber Surgeon, Steve Bacon, with some gruesome exhibits!

Medieval surgery!

Jonathan the Jester with his apprentices, Kevin and Ash

Photo by Steve Pilcher of Fareham People, Jonathan and Ash The Jesters Jonathan THE JesterKevin the Jester on Unicycle Geoffrey Gould & Punch with Roger Hammett of BBC Radio Solent 

Geoffrey Gould, the Punch and Judy man was back for a second year. Here "Mr Punch" is seen being interviewed by Roger Hammett for the Sasha Twining Show on BBC Radio Solent. 

  Punch and Judy

 "Thats the way to do it!"


An audience with Punch and Judy 

St G 13

New additions to our show this year included Giant Zorb Balls for "Human Hampsters"! and the Hornpipe performed by the Warsash Sea Cadets who also gave us a demonstration of club swinging.  Both exercises derive from on board physical training in the Royal Navy of the 19th century

Warsash Sea Cadets dancing the Hornpipe

\\'Badge The cadets came from a relatively new unit of Sea Cadets called T.S. Tormentor

The Bernie Boozle Band led by Fred Mitchell of the Swanwick Lions Club also entertained us through the day.

Wickham Morris DancersThe Wickham Morris danced for us

in the Park and on The Green,


Fishbourne African DrummersThe Fishbourne African Drummers made a welcome return to our Festival.

Their music was played to commemorate the lives of Mary Kingsley from Cambridge and Richard Francis Burton from Torquay who were two of the first explorers to go into West Africa

 Richard Francis Burton in the Army

Richard Francis Burton from Torquay

Mary Kingsley from West African Studies 1899

Mary Kingsley from Cambridge

Two very welcome, and unannounced, attractions on the day were two of our emergency services.

Matt Rolfe and Emma Collier from Red Watch

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

Is it me or are police officers getting youngerFareham firefighters from 2 Red Watch Matt Rolfe and Emma CollierIs it my imagination or are the Police Officers getting younger?!

PCSO Emma Shore and PCSO Andy Leeks

PCSO Emma Shore and PCSO Andy Leeks 

 Crofton Lions wish to thank them for their tireless work for our community, and for being with us today.

Lion Reg Norton, the current President of our Club says "It is also time to thank our own members of Crofton Lions Club and the many friends who volunteered to help make the day very special. Included in that list of friends is the Mayor and Mayoress Cllrs. Brian and Susan Bayford who postponed their holiday to be with us!"

St G 6 Reg Mayor VickyLion President Reg says a sincere "Thank You" and presents a traditional Rose of England to the Mayoress English Rose presented to the Mayoress St.G 2011

Mike S and volunteer Unsung Heroes

David Cliefe, one of many  friends who volunteered to help  with Lion Mike Shipley, our Treasurer and the Site Co-ordinator for this event.

The Show's over for today, time for some Late Knight Shopping!  

 Photos by Stive Pilcher

Knights go shopping too 

Or simply take a break!

Jester taking a break

Because, on the following day, Sunday 24th April, Minis, Motorbikes and Scooters converged on Stubbington for our Annual St.George's Cavalcade organised by Becca and Ian at The Red Lion

Minis on ParadeScooter St.George 

Bikers at St. Georges Day 2011

 Would you like to be part of the 2012 event?

Crofton Lions intention is for the Festival to continue to be a whole Community Event so if you, or any Organisation that you belong to, would like to be included in the performance programme please use the 'Contact Us' button or call Lion President Reg Norton on 01329 663661  or eMail him at

To book a Stall for this years event of Saturday 21st April please contact Lion Donna Chant on Stubbington (01329) 314391

 Meanwhile, here are some images of previous years.. THE FOLLOWING ACTIVITIES FORMED PART OF OUR 2009 "FESTIVAL OF ST. GEORGE"


 One of the big attractions at the Village Fayre in 2009 was Nasira and her Turkish Belly Dancers (St.George came from Cappodocia in Northern Turkey.

Biker with St. George

Nearly 60 Bikers and 20 Mini Car Drivers took part in the ride last year, the 50th Anniversary of the Mini. All of them flying the Flag and many wearing Red & White they rode into Stubbington as modern day "Knights of the Road". The evening was a great success meeting old friends and making new ones, and enjoying the great Burgers at THE RED LION.

Poster giving all details of Nostalgia Variety Show on 24th April 2009 in Crofton Community CentreFriday, 24th April 2009

in Crofton Community Centre

We had a superb Musical Evening with "NOSTALGIA"

featuring Reg, Cheryl & Dave, Duets from Hazel & Margaret, the young singing sensation 'Channele' and Wayne Coates..Comedian, Musician and vocalist.

Music & Songs from Yesteryear as part of our celebration of the Festival of St. George Tickets £7.00 (£5.00 for Senior Citizens and Children) available at Crofton Community Centre or Telephone Lion Reg Norton on: 01329 663661

 Then, on Sunday, 19th April 2009 Nearly 600 Scouts from the Fareham West District mustered in Stubbington for their traditional 'St. George's Parade' at 2.00 p.m. led by the District Scout Band. The Salute was taken at the Crofton War Memorial by the Mayor and Mayoress of Fareham, Cllr Ernest Crouch and his wife, Enid. They were accompanied by District Commissioner Lester Eyres and one of the County Comissioners. Later, in the Stubbington Recreation Ground all Sections renewed their 'Promise' and listened to an address by Rev. Bill Matthews in which he explained the meaning behind the various flags carried in the parade finishing with the Cross of St. George Flag of England.

Scouts in the Park CNV00109Cub Scouts march past CNV00101Scout Band in the Park CNV00102


 Remember, Crofton Lions want this Festival to be a "Whole Community" Event so if you would like to be included in the programme of future events please contact our Festival Coordinator, Lion Reg Norton on 01329.663661 or eMail

Or, if you would like to book a Stall please contact Lion Donna Chant on Stubbington (01329) 314391

 Additional information will be posted on a daily basis on the Crofton Lions Facebook pages.

Festival of St George 2011